International Discovery Model and Talent of the Year Competition TM

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Competition Details


International Discovery Model and Talent of the Year Competition

with representatives from modeling & talent agencies, management companies,

music labels, magazines and television shows worldwide!


This is an opportunity for education and exposure like no other!!




               Auditions, which include Runway, Swimsuit/Sportswear, TV Commercial,

Monologue, Singing & Dancing.


▪               A Photography session with a professional photographer


▪               All Seminars given by industry professionals


▪               One on One Interviews with the agents in attendance


▪               Exposure to the top model, acting, fitness and talent scouts


▪               Opportunity to audition and perform for top agencies, managers & labels worldwide


▪               Dance Party, which allows you to meet and socialize with other models and actors  


▪               Opportunity to Win One of the Overall Titles:

a.        Overall Child Actor (4-12 yrs. old)

b.        Overall Teen Actor (13- 17 yrs. old)

c.        Overall Child Model (4-12 yrs. old)

d.        Overall Female Fashion Model (13 and above, 5’-8” and taller)

e.        Overall Male Fashion Model (13 and above, 5’-11” and above)

f.         Overall Plus Model (13 and above, 5’-8” and above)

g.        Overall Commercial Model (13 and above, men under 5’-11” & women under 5’-8”)

h.         Overall Singer

i.         Overall Dancer



Who is Eligible to Participate in One on One?

All Participants attending the competition


What is One on One?

One on One is a time where all participants are able to meet briefly with agent of their choice.


Where is One on One Held?

One on One is held in the ballroom of the hotel.


Why Participate in One on One?

This will give participants the opportunity to speak with and show their images/comp cards, headshots, resumes and/or portfolios to the specific agent they have an interest in being represented by. One on One’s also gives agents time to evaluate each participant up close and personal.


What Do Participants Wear to One on One?

Participants should dress accordingly. If you are an actor, wear nice, casual clothing. If you are interested in modeling, you may want to wear more fitted casual clothing. Women should wear little to no make-up.


What are the Rules for One on One?

Children ages 4-12 years of age, will be permitted to have one parent/guardian accompany them into the One on One. Participants 13 years and older, are not permitted to have guest in the One on One room. Participants will have approximately 3 minutes with each agent. Please be patient and courteous with the other participants during the One on One’s.


Who is Eligible to Participate in Call Backs?

All participants receiving one or more call backs from an attending agent, manager or label.


What is Call Backs?

Call Backs is the time frame we have scheduled for agents to meet with participants of their choice.


Where is Call Backs Held?

Call Backs are held in the main ballroom of the hotel.


What Do Participants Wear to Call Backs?

Generally, participants wear casual, fitted clothing. Sometimes, agents will include specific instructions with their call back. Participants receiving a call back from a modeling agent should be prepared to wear their swimsuit underneath their clothing for snapshots. Female participants should come clean faced……NO MAKE-UP!


How Does Call Backs Work?

Agents and Managers will be seated at a table in the ballroom. Participants will go to the table where their call back is from and wait to speak with that agent. Participants should bring any and all pictures, comp cards, headshots, and/or portfolio along with them to the table. If you have multiple call backs, you should go to the table with the shortest line.


What are the Rules for Call Backs?

Children will be permitted into call backs first. Parents are welcome to attend the call backs with their child(ren). Once your call backs are completed, you must exit the ballroom. Please be courteous and patient with the other participants during this process.