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Below are a few testiomonies from contestants, Sponsors and others from past events.
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THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for the wonderful opportunity you gave me.  I was feeling really lost in the "modeling" world, and scared that my age was too much of a factor and my confidence was dropping daily, until this competition saved me.  It gave me a renewed hope of entering the modeling world and actually trying to pursue it more.  I loved the photo shoot (can't wait to get the pics and have told all my friends and family about them), loved meeting everyone and rooming with other models, loved the professional stylists and photographers, and overall competition.  It really improved my self-confidence and I thank you for it!!!  I also really enjoyed the personal attention you gave each of us and encouragement you gave me, and of course...the resort! worked!!! 
Just last week, I was in an AIGA fashion show in San Francisco at the Design Center...non-paid, but great portfolio experience and I am getting more gigs every day.
Hope all is well in your life and hope to hear from you soon,
I had a wonderful experience
The entire crew was amazing and I already I miss everyone so much! thanks again for the opportunity, it was amazing and i cant wait to see you and do/hang out at more events soon!
Ally – Florida

I see everybody misses Jamaica and the great time we had there... but don't worry friends.. it's coming back ;)
It was the best time i had in... a long time

Ovy – Romania
I had so much fun. I will be there the next event. Not to be in the competition but to chill and be around. I hope you got the pic's I sent you. I can't wait to get together again I had a blast. It was great working with u and everybody =)

Leah – Virginia
I had a great time!
Jamaica was a great experience for me and I wanted to THANK YOU! TTYS!

I have to tell you. It's such a pleasure to encounter good folks like you in this business. Dana and I have had some horrible experiences with 1 Modeling Agency in particular; based out of New YorkNew York. 
They were very self centered and oh so impersonal.  It is such a warm, Comforting feeling to see that you take the time to actually speak with folks.
Thank You very much
Kim Priestly
Jamaica was amazing, I hope you got my "thank-you-for-the-opportunity-im in withdrawal" email when I got back. 
I cant want to get my photoshoot pictures and  I would love to continue to join you for these kinds of events and more. 
 I wanted to send you pictures for your website, but I have so many and the computer would require it to be sent in like 10 emails. 
So, let me know if you want any and what kinds and I'll send those right over.  I hope all is well, and
I cant wait to keep in touch and work/play with you again!
Alli Golden

I had sooo much fun too, thanks again for everything i will be registering too and i will get some other girls to come out too:) and i will bring molly again no doubt:) muahhzzzzz cant wait to see ya again, hope all is well i know ur sooo vry busy. so do u get to bring ur kids everywhere??? i hope so:) talk to u soon.
Thank YOU !!! :-)
I told you and I will tell you again, that was the best time i had in a looong time;) I definitely look forward for the next events
Talk to you soon ;)

We are waiting on your testimony. We hope to see you there.

These are actually quotes from our participants. Some comments have been shorten or revised to exluded certain private elements.